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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything you need to know about the tattoo process, booking, payment etc. If your question isn't answered, feel free to message me on Instagram. 

Covid-19  -  Still Important

To make the studio a safe environment for both myself and you, here are the studio guidelines:

  • I may ask you to wear a face mask in your appointment.

  • I am happy for you to bring one person along to your appointment if you like but I may also ask them to wear a mask.

  • Do NOT arrive earlier than your appointment time. Even 5 minutes makes a big difference so please wait :) 

  • If you have a high temperature/fever, persistent cough or feel unwell, please let your artist know as soon as possible so that they can reschedule your appointment. We will have a temperature checker at the studio to monitor artists and customers coming in and will turn away anyone with a high temperature for safety reasons.

Where is your Studio?

My private tattoo studio is based in the Hackney area.

The address is: 

The Gossamer City Project

Gossamer Gardens (Unit 59)



There is a video on my instagram in my highlights showing you how to get to it.

What days do you work?

I work Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I do not work weekends.

How do you charge for your tattoos?

I charge by piece. Price comes down to the size, time and placement of your tattoo. I tell you what the price of each tattoo is individually and also give you deal on the overall price of multiple tattoos when I email you.


My minimum is £150 and I work up from there. 

Rough pricing guide:

£150 is usually for something small like a heart, shape, little star etc
£160-£220 word/words, one or two flowers, multiple stars, sun burst, constellations, simple butterfly etc
£230-£260 flower bouquets, more detailed butterflies, flowers etc
£240+ for leopards, snakes, slightly bigger/detailed pieces.

Ribs, sternum, back are places that require more time and energy so I may charge a little more for these placements

I think it's important to remember that tattoos are a luxury and last forever so be prepared to pay for it. I try to make my prices very fair for both myself and for you. :)

Deposit info

PLEASE NOTE: You are not fully booked in until you send your deposit. Deposits are non refundable so once you pay, the following applies:

Once I accept your tattoo request, I will send you my bank details so you can send a £50 deposit via bank transfer. 

-Your deposit goes towards the final price of your tattoo. It is not an extra cost.

-If you cancel you appointment with more than 48 hours notice and you reschedule immediately to another date, you do not need to pay another deposit. 

-If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, the deposit is lost and you will have to pay another one to make a new appointment.

-If you have been rescheduled and you cancel a second time, your deposit is lost and will have to pay a new one if you need to reschedule.

-For any Covid related cancellations, I am understanding so please do not show up if you have symptoms.

Do I have to send you the final design for my custom tattoo? 

No! If you have a design you created yourself I am more than happy to tattoo it if it is a design I am comfortable doing. I love when people doodle their idea, even if it isn't perfect. 

In the booking form, I ask you to send reference photos and a brief description of your tattoo idea and I will design your tattoo based on that info.


I sometimes send your design the evening before but most of the time I will show you on the day. 

What are flash designs?

They are designs that I only tattoo once unless stated otherwise. If a flash design is taken by someone else, I am happy to recreate it for you and draw something similar. These designs can be tattooed any size you like so let me know approx size in the booking form. I print out a few different sizes on the day to find the perfect one for you if you are not exactly sure.

What is a hand poked tattoo?

It is a technique that requires no machinery. Instead of the machine doing all the pokes super fast, each dot of ink is pushed into the skin one by one. This usually means they take more time than using a machine but they are generally a lot less painful which is nice. (e.g a five letter word for me would take approx 15 mins for me to tattoo). They give a more handmade result. Our skin is not a sheet of paper so small imperfections as your skin heals are common and add to the hand poked look and style.

Hand poked tattoos are permanent that is why it is important to go to someone who knows what they are doing. 

Can I get more than one tattoo at a time?

Yes, you most certainly can! Please use one form to submit all design ideas you would like. I will give you a better deal on the session as well so you don't have to pay for each tattoo individually.

What to do if I want a matching tattoo with someone?

If you and a friend want to come on the same day and get matching tattoos, please submit one form with both of your names on the form.

If you and a friend want to come on the same day but want different tattoos, please submit your forms separately but include each others names and I will try to book you in together.

Will it hurt?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Most people do not find it painful and are actually surprised at how little it hurts. (I've had people fall asleep haha). If you are at all nervous please let me know because my aim is to make you as comfortable as possible. If you need a little break that's totally fine. Make sure you eat before hand but your welcome to bring in something to drink (non alcoholic of course).

If it makes it easier, you can bring headphones and listen to your own music to zone out. I love chatting but also love a bit of quiet time myself so I won't be offended in the slightest. :)

How do I pay you?

At your appointment you can pay via bank transfer or cash. I do not have a card machine.

Should I tip you?

Tipping is always appreciated but not necessary.

Do you do cover ups/ tattoo over scars?

I do not do any cover up tattoos or add to existing tattoos you have at this time. 

I am happy to tattoo over scars. I may ask you to send a picture of the scars to make sure it is possible for me to do so. bare in mind, I cannot cover up scars completely. I usually add a design over them to disguise them more or to frame them depending on your preference. 

Do you tattoo hands/fingers/feet?

I am not tattooing any finger tattoos or feet at the moment. I will tattoo the tops of hands and the little space to the right or left just below your ankle but nowehre else :)

Do you tattoo all skin colours/tones?

Absolutely! You may see that my Instagram feed mainly shows tattoos on white skin, this is because my clients are mainly white and it is something I am aware of and really want my Instagram to show more diversity. Do not feel that you cannot get a tattoo from me because of the colour of your skin. I welcome all skin colours and skin tones. If you are black/POC please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns or questions you have.

Is there anything you won't tattoo?

Yes, I will only accept designs I am comfortable doing. I do not tattoo anything in a language I do not speak (English) unless you are a native speaker of that language.

I will not copy anyone else's tattoo design. Referencing someone else's tattoo is fine but I will only use it as inspiration or to understand what style you are looking for.

Do you do colour tattoos?

I only use black and red ink.

How to prepare for your tattoo / Do's & Dont's

-Make sure you come well rested and eat something before your appointment.

-Plan out your route to the studio in advance to avoid being late to your appointment. 

-Wear something comfortable and and allows me to reach the area I need to tattoo easily.

If you're getting a rib tattoo, come in a loose sports bra and a t-shirt. I may need you to take an arm out of your shirt so i can fully see your side. I will provide you with nipple covers if needed. 

If you are getting a sternum tattoo please wear a zipped hoodie or a button down shirt as it'll be easier to access the area.

If you feel uncomfortable at any point during your appointment please do not hesitate to let me know because you're experience and comfort is very very important. 

-You can shave the area you are getting tattooed if you like so we can help reduce the amount of plastic I have to use but no worries if you can't.

-Don't over exfoliate the area you are getting your tattoo. This can irritate your skin.

-Don't take any painkillers that thin your blood. (aspirin) 

Machine tattoos.

I have started using a machine to tattoo certain designs that I'm comfortable doing. I have a section on the form asking if you are comfortable with me using the machine to tattoo you. If you agree, I will decide if it is the right design for me to do using the machine. :)

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