Monday 22nd August at 7pm - Flash designs only (see instagram highlights where I will be posting flash sheets throughout the month)

Monday 29th August at 7pm - Custom deigns 

I will be booking for October-January 

I am closing the booking form after I reach a certain amount of submissions

If you don't get to submit a form this time around, don't worry because I will be opening my books again in January.

Some important things to check before you submit a form when my books reopen:

- Make sure you read the FAQ section before submitting your form.

- Check my Instagram for any new updates. 

-If you do not submit everything correctly, I may not respond to your email.

IMPORTANT: Please keep your answers as short as possible. Please try to exclude the reason behind your tattoo and long paragraphs. I love to hear the stories behind your tattoos on the day but to make the booking process easier keep it short and sweet. 

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Booking Form.

Here is the booking form you need to fill out. Make sure to only submit one form. (this will not be available when books are closed)


A couple of things to note: 

Please make sure you are familiar with my style of tattooing before you submit your request.

If you and a friend want to come on the same day and get matching tattoos, please submit one form with both of your names on the form.

If you and a friend want to come on the same day but want different tattoos, please submit your forms separately but include each others names and I will try to book you in together.