Here is everything you need to know about looking after your cute new tattoo.

I will walk you through how to look after your tattoo on the day of your appointment as well. 

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The First Day

After you get your tattoo, I will wrap it up in cling film to protect it for your journey home. You can keep it on for approx 3 hours and then take it off when you have a clean environment to do so. When you do, give your tattoo a rinse with some warm water and pat it dry with a paper towel (avoid using a cloth towel as they can harvest bacteria). You do not need to cover your tattoo again as it needs it's time to breath so it can heal properly. I usually wait until the following day before applying moisturiser to the area. 


Healing Process

After the first day, this is when you can start applying a small amount of unscented moisturiser 2-3 times a day for approx a 2 weeks. (I recommend Palmers Cocoa Butter, Simple moisturiser or coconut oil.) Be sure not to over do it, a little goes a long way so even less than a pea sized amount will do the trick.

Your tattoo may start to look a but dry and flakey as it heals. Do not pick at it or wear any clothing that will rub off it. It is important not to touch your tattoo too much so you don't add any unwanted bacteria to the area. 


Special Attention

During the healing process do not soak your tattoo in water. NO swimming pools, NO jacuzzis, NO ocean swimming, NO baths, NO soaking in water of any kind! Showering is fine, just don’t get the tattoo wet for too long.

Your skin will be sensitive after being tattooed, so NO sunbathing during the healing process. After your tattoo is healed, please use a factor 50 sun cream to keep your tattoo looking its best. Your tattoo is going to age with your skin so make sure you keep it protected. 

Wait to fake tan until your tattoo is fully healed.

If you have any questions or concerns during the healing process, please send me a message via Instagram.